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Helping hands are never far.

Meet the fantastic folks who can help make your college dreams a reality – our admissions counselors at the University of Montana. These are your go-to guides for turning questions into answers, uncertainties into plans, and possibilities into real-life opportunities. Let our team of professionals steer you toward success!

Missoula, Ravalli, Granite Counties

As the counselor serving local prospective students, Michelle Flores loves to help families and students see how the University in their backyard can connect them to the world.

Michelle's favorite UM tradition: "I love the Homecoming Parade and festivities of the weekend!"

Email Michelle:
Call Michelle: 406-243-4314
Text Michelle: 406-273-1008

Missoula College

Sophia came from a long line of University of Montana alumni, so making the choice to become a Grizzly was pretty easy. "I love helping students navigate the world of higher education, so when the opportunity arose to work in admissions, I knew it would be a perfect fit!"

Sophia's favorite UM tradition: The pumpkin on Main Hall

Email Sophia:
Call Sophia: 406-243-2469
Text Sophia: 406-273-1730

Northwest Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Southern California

Samuel Jones moved to Missoula from Portland, Oregon, to attend UM. After having "the time of my life as a student," Samuel is finding new ways to fall in love with Missoula and the University of Montana as a UM graduate and employee. 

Samuel's favorite class at UM: Islamic Civilization with Mehrdad Kia

Email Samuel:
Call Samuel: 406-243-259
Text Samuel: 406-273-1169

Eastern/Central Washington, Colorado, Wyoming

Julie Magnuson, originally from Los Angeles, California, earned a B.A. in journalism from UM in 2018. Julie's passion for journalism and her commitment to mentoring students has made her a prominent figure in the university community.

Julie's favorite class at UM: Sociology of the Family

Email Julie:
Text Julie: 406-273-1314
Call Julie: 310-995-9508

Eastern Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Northern Midwest, East Coast

When life threw Brittany Smith a curveball, she decided to head somewhere a little bit wild and a lot beautiful. "I've been in Montana for four years now, and I still can't get over how incredibly lucky I am to live work somewhere as wild and beautiful as the University of Montana."

Brittany's favorite UM event: the Kyiyo Pow Wow

Email Brittany:
Call Brittany: 406-243-4364
Text Brittany: 406-319-3137

Western Washington, Oregon and Northern California

Becca Olson hails from the flatlands of Minnesota and moved to Missoula "for the opportunity to hike something larger than a hill." When she's not connecting with potential students, Becca spends most of her time outside kayaking, hiking and photographing Montana's incredible wild places.

Becca's favorite UM tradition: Freshman Wilderness Experience. 

Email Becca:
Call Becca: 406-243-6267
Text Becca: 406-273-1665

Transfer students, International freshmen, international transfer students

Colin Johnson was the first in his family to attend college, and says his "life was immeasurably enriched by my time studying at UM. Being a member of the Admissions team is, for me, an opportunity both to give back to UM."

Colin's favorite place to hit the reset button: Sitting underneath the fiddle leaf fig tree in the University Center or reading near a window in the Poetry Corner. 

Email Colin:
Call Colin: 406-243-6266

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Kelly Nolin