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Undergraduate Admissions (UM) - First-time Freshman

Which application should I use?

Apply as a Freshman if you are a first-time, bachelor-degree-seeking student either currently enrolled in high school, or have graduated from high school and have not earned 12 or more college-level credits after completing high school or equivalent schooling.  
Apply as a Transfer Student if you have completed 12 or more college-level credit hours at another college or university.   

Apply to Missoula College if you are interested in one- and two-year programs. 
Apply as an International Student if you are coming from outside the United States, or you are living in the U.S. under an F, B, H, J, L, or M Visa. 
Apply to Bitterroot College using the Apply Montana Portal if you are interested in taking classes in Hamilton.

When do I need to submit my application by?

The University of Montana practices rolling admissions. This means we are continuously evaluating applications on a space-available basis until the term begins.

The earlier students submit the completed application for undergraduate admission and all required documents, the higher their priority in admissions processing and scholarship consideration. 

Fall semester applicants are encouraged to finish and submit their application by Feb. 1. Applications for the upcoming fall semester are accepted up until one week before the semester begins. 

Spring semester applications are encouraged to finish and submit their application by Nov. 15. Applications for the upcoming spring semester are accepted up until one week before the semester begins.

Do I need to write an essay for my application?


Do I need to submit test scores?

SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission to UM.

Do I need to have my high school transcripts sent?

Yes. If you have not graduated yet, upload/send an unofficial transcript when you apply. Once you graduate, request that your school send your official high school transcript to UM. The transcript must include your date of graduation and final GPA.

The HiSET and GED are also acceptable. You must request those official scores be sent to UM by the agency that granted your HiSET or GED.

How do I check my UM application status?

If you've already submitted your application, log on to the Admissions Portal to check the status of your admission.

What happens after I’m accepted?

There are several things you can do after you are accepted, including applying for financial aid and scholarships, selecting your housing, setting up your student email and submitting your immunizations. Log into your Admitted Student Checklist to walk through your next steps.  

Am I required to live in a residence hall?

Any student with less than 30 credits and no dependents is required to live in an on-campus residence hall at UM. Learn more about UM Housing.

When do semesters start and/or end?

Visit the Dates and Deadlines page for information on upcoming semester dates. 

View UM's Academic Calendar here.

How do I submit my immunization documentation?

Submit your immunization documentation with the Curry Health Center. You can submit your documents through the Health Portal or by fax or email.
Fax: 406-243-2254

Missoula College Admissions

How is Missoula College connected to the University of Montana?

Missoula College provides outstanding occupational and technical education in 35 programs. Areas of study include business and health care professions, applied computing and electronics, and energy and industrial technologies. An Associate of Arts general education program is also available to students desiring a transfer degree for a baccalaureate degree program.

Missoula College offers a smaller learning community with unique academic programs including one- and two-year associate degrees, trade programs and certificates.  Missoula College and its students are a part of the University of Montana.

How much does it cost to attend Missoula College?

Missoula College is one of the most affordable education options in Montana. Learn more about Tuition and Costs at Missoula College

How can I learn more about the admissions process at Missoula College?

Learn more about applying to Missoula College on the Admissions page

What programs are available at Missoula College?

Missoula College has more than 30 different programs within four academic departments:  

Applied Arts and Sciences
Business Technology
Health Professions
Industrial Technology

Can I transfer credits to Missoula College?

Yes, you can transfer credits from college-level courses at another college or university to Missoula College. You will need to submit an official transcript from each college you've attended.

An unofficial self-evaluation of course work can be accessed through our Transfer Equivalency Self-Service tool. This information can be printed from the web and is for reference only, but will be a helpful resource when you are being advised. 

Official evaluations of transfer credits will be processed by your Admissions Evaluator after all official transcripts have been received.

Can I take classes on UM's Mountain Campus as a Missoula College student?

You can take up to 6 credits per semester on the Mountain Campus for no additional cost. Talk with your advisor about what makes sense for your program and interests. 

Can I still join clubs on the Mountain Campus even though I go to Missoula College?

Yes, you can join clubs and attend all Griz activities.

Transfer admissions

How do I know if I’m considered a transfer student?

You are a transfer student if you have completed 12 or more credits in college-level courses at another college or university and you are entering UM or Missoula College for the first time.

What are the Transfer Admission Requirements?

Transfer student applicants must present a 2.00 cumulative grade average (on a 0-4 scale) for all college level work attempted to be eligible for admission. SAT/ACT scores are not required for admission to UM or Missoula College.

Do I have to send my college transcripts to apply for admission?

Yes. Send a current official transcript from each college you've attended so that we may process your admission without delays. If you are still taking classes as another college, send a complete, official transcript as soon as you complete your final term.

I attended UM (or Missoula College) previously. Am I a transfer student or a readmission?

If you were previously enrolled at the University of Montana or Missoula College but have interrupted your enrollment for 24 months or more, you will apply as a Returning Student

If you previously attended UM or Missoula College and then attended another college/university, you will apply as a Transfer Student.

Do I have to have an associate degree to transfer to the University of Montana?

You do not need to have obtained an associate degree to transfer to UM. Any student who has complete 12 or more credits in college-level courses at another college or university is invited to apply to UM or Missoula College as a transfer student.

How can I learn how many of my credits will transfer?

You can do an unofficial self-evaluation of transfer course work online using Transferology - a free tool for students to give you personalized information on how your credits will transfer to UM. Create an account, add your courses and get your results. An admissions evaluator will provide you an official transfer credit evaluation after you have submitted all official transcripts and been admitted. Learn more about transfer credit evaluation.

Can I live on campus as a transfer student?

Transfer students are eligible to live in UM’s on-campus residence halls, in the Lewis and Clark Village apartments or in UM’s University Villages. Learn more about housing options at UM.

Military-affiliated admissions

How do I apply for VA education benefits (GI Bill)?

If you are a veteran, a military family membes, a candidate for the National Call to Service Program, or if you are changing schools, start by applying for VA education benefits here

Veterans will need to provide start and end dates for their military service and all applicants will need to provide their bank account and routing number for direct deposit. 

When you complete your education benefits form on the VA website, be sure to write down confirmation information for future reference.

What is a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)?

A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is a document that the VA will provide as proof that you qualify to use a specific VA education benefit.

What is the Notification of Intent (NOI)?

The NOI is a system exclusive to the University of Montana which allows students to electronically submit their request to use VA Education benefits.

How do I submit my Joint Service Transcript (JST)?

All veterans are required to submit a Joint Service Transcript or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Transcript.

If you are an Air Force veteran, see the next question. 

To submit your Joint Service Transcript, visit the JST website

Click “Register” under “Register to use this system” at the top of the page and complete registration. 

Click on Official Transcript Request (Electronic).

Search “Montana.” 

In the search results, find the University of Montana with the address of 32 Campus Drive. 

UM will evaluate all previous postsecondary education and training, including military experience, for students using VA education benefits. Upon completion of the evaluation process, UM will grant credit as appropriate, reduce program length and cost proportionately, notify the student of the evaluation and maintain all credit evaluation records.

How do I submit my Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript?

Air Force students need to request a transcript from the CCAF.

Visit the Community College of the Air Force website for more information.

How do I pay my bill?

All students must to pay/finalize their bill each semester. Even if you do not owe any money or need to pay a portion of the bill, you must still “pay” your final bill as a form of approval.

To pay your bill, log in to UM's student portal, CyberBear.

Click "Student Services." 

Click "Payment and Account Information." 

Click "Pay Your Registration Bill." 

Select your applicable term and click "Submit." 

Click "Pay Your Registration Bill" even if you don’t owe any money.

If you owe money, you can pay online, stop by the Cashier's desk or call them at 406-243-2223 to make a payment.

Do I have to pay for university health insurance?

No, you do not have to purchase student health insurance if you have other medical insurance coverage such as VA health care.

How do I use Military Tuition Assistance (TA)?

To get started using Tuition Assistance, you will need to contact your branch-specific Education Office. Once you have initiated contact with you education office, please reach out UM's Military and Veteran Service Office with specific questions or concerns.

Join our Zoom Room.

Email us at

Call MSVO at 406-243-2744.

Need to fax us a document? Our fax line is 406-243-5444.

Can I use Pell grant and VA benefits at the same time?

Yes. Any excess money, if applicable, will come back to you as a refund.

What is the Military Housing Allowance (MHA) rate under Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 (if eligible for MHA)?

Find housing allowances for Missoula-based students under the GI Bill Comparison Tool for the University of Montana

Find housing allowances for students based in the Bitterroot Valley under the GI Bill Comparison Tool for Bitterroot College.


How do I know if online study is right for me?

Online learning provides options for students who cannot come to Missoula to attend classes at the University of Montana or Missoula College. We call them Distance Learners. It is also an option for our campus-based students to take specific classes online while also attending other classes in-person. Distance learners have lower cost of attendance overall. Campus-based students taking online classes enjoy the benefits of our vibrant campuses.

Can I be an undecided/undeclared distance learner at the University of Montana or Missoula College? 

Anyone who has applied and been accepted to the University of Montana or Missoula College can begin without declaring a major. Explore UM's Academic Programs to see which programs are available fully online.

How do I apply as an online student?

Online students complete the same application as all other prospective students who are seeking an undergraduate degree. You will complete the same application whether you're planning to attend the University of Montana or Missoula College.

Visit the Apply page to access UM's online application, the Common App or the Apply Montana application (for Montana residents only). You might also find the FAQ for Undergraduates students helpful as it offers more details about the application process.

What options are available for people looking for workforce development, continuing education or non-credit courses?

There are a wide variety of course options to explore at UM. Explore non-credit options here. Continuing education opportunities are also available. Looking for workforce development options? Visit the Accelerate MT website

Do distance learner students have to complete orientation?

Distance learners do not need to complete orientation. Campus-based students who might be taking some classes online while attending the University of Montana and Missoula College are expected to attend orientation.

What does it cost to attend the University of Montana or Missoula College as a distance learner?

That will depend on the number of credits you pursue each semester. Explore Tuition and Fees to find more details about tuition and cost of attendance estimates.

Are financial aid or scholarships available for distance learners or to campus-based students taking some online courses?

The University of Montana and Missoula College have a variety of financial aid and scholarship opportunities for all students. Find details about tuition and cost of attendance here. Looking for scholarships? Head over to the Scholarships page.

Do Distance Learners get a different diploma from students who attend on campus?

All for-credit diplomas are the same regardless of their attendance online or on campus.

International admissions

What should international students submit with the admission application?

The following items are required to submit a complete international application for admission:

International application form.

$30 paper application fee.

Official or certified copies of non-U.S. academic credentials beginning with secondary school and continuing through the highest level of achievement.

Statement of Financial Support. 

Evidence of English language proficiency.

International students are encouraged to submit ACT or SAT scores if available, but ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission.

Learn more about international admission requirements here.

What are the English proficiency admission exemptions?

English language proficiency exemptions apply to applicants whose native language is English, applicants with two or more years of attendance at an institution of higher education where English is the primary language of instruction, and applicants who transfer an equivalent for WRIT 101.