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Transfer Student Application Process

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We've got you covered.

At UM, you don’t have to stress about transferring trust us. There’s just a few things to know about applying as a transfer student to the University of Montana or Missoula College.

Let’s start simple: What kind of applicant are you?

Have you completed more than 12 college-level credits since high school graduation? Congrats you’re in the right place! You’ll apply for transfer admission. (Fewer than 12 credits? No worries just check out the application process for freshman admission.)

Step one: Start your application.

You can apply online or using the Common Application

Step two: Submit official transcripts

Once you’ve completed your final term at your current or previous institution, have your previous school send a complete official transcript to UM. An admission evaluator will provide you with an official transfer credit evaluation once you’ve submitted all official transcripts. (And if you want to DIY a preview, check out our Transfer Equivalency Self-Service Tool!)

Transfer Students

Ready to transfer to UM? Take a look at these dates and deadlines.

“But wait! This isn’t me!”

Looking for a different application process? Choose the app that best fits your case. Or, tell us a little more about what you're looking for, and we'll get you where you need to be.