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Pharmacy School Application Process

Exterior of the Skaggs Building at UM

Applying for Pharmacy School

Beginning your pharmacy career is easy at the University of Montana. Find your process and important dates here.

Three routes. One Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Ready to dig into the PharmD program at UM? You’ve got three options for admission.

The Traditional UM Pre-Pharmacy Admission Pathway: choose this option if you’re starting off by entering as an undergraduate pre-pharmacy major.

The GrizRX Assurance Program Pathway: Academically qualified high school seniors who want to expedite their route to the PharmD, this one’s for you.

The Transfer Pathway: Got pre-pharmacy credentials from another institution? No problem —you’ll apply via PharmCAS too.

Traditional UM Pre-Pharmacy Admission Pathway

For this route, you’ll apply normally for an undergraduate degree at UM and declare a pre-pharmacy major. (Pretty self-explanatory, right?) Once you’ve completed the prerequisites, you’ll head over to the PharmCAS application and apply there for admission to the PharmD!

GrizRX Assurance Program Pathway

Got a GPA of 3.5 or above and an ACT of at least 25? Good news you can expedite your path to pharmacy school. Just apply as the pre-pharmacy major to UM, complete two years of prerequisites, and then hop over to PharmCAS to apply.

Non-UM Admission Pathway

Didn’t go to UM for your undergrad? No worries you can still apply for the PharmD using the normal process in PharmCAS.

Pharmacy School Application Deadlines

All the details on where and when to apply.

“But wait! This isn’t me!”

Looking for a different application process? Choose the app that best fits your case. Or, tell us a little more about what you're looking for, and we'll get you where you need to be.