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Dual Enrollment for Local High Schoolers

Mountain peaks in Montana

High School is the Perfect Time to Start College

Our Dual Enrollment Program offers so many advantages every high school junior and senior should sign up.

Not only does this program help jump start your collegiate career and tune your muscles for the rigors of undergrad studies, it will save you money. Huge money.

Students are able to knock out at least one semester of college while participating in the program, which means even more savings on all the other costs that come with college.

Successful Dual Enrollment student poses for photo in nursing lab classroom.

Local? You're in luck.

If you're a high school student in Missoula, Ravalli, Lake, Mineral or Lewis and Clark County, we've got good news for you. 

Due to your close proximity to UM campuses in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley and the collaborative efforts between your high school and UM, your options abound. Take classes on campus, online or in your high school classroom. 

Even better, you're going to get your first two courses tuition-free. Read on for more details.


Get ready for college Learn time management

“I am super glad I did it. It gave me a great perspective of what college would be like. It’s good to be challenged and ready for the faster pace of study in college.”

MCKENZIE BROWNLEE, Missoula College Nursing student

“The program is such a benefit. They learn how to manage time and to be a college student before they leave home. It’s not for all kids, but kids are also capable of anything they put their minds to.”

KAMIE BARNHILL, parent of dual enrollment student


Dual Enrollment students, spring 2023


scholarships available for high school seniors


Dual Enrollment students, spring 2023


scholarships available for seniors


Two Paths. Same success.

As a local student, you have the option of enrolling in either of the two tracks available through the Dual Enrollment Program. 

The Dual Credit Program is offered at a number of high schools in Missoula, Ravalli, Mineral, Lake and Lewis and Clark County. Depending on what your high school chooses to offer, Dual Credit classes range from Precalculus to Montana Ecosystems to Intro to Game Programming. These classes are taught by high school teachers during your normal school day.

The Early College Program is for high school students in any location who can take courses online or attend in-person at our UM, Missoula College or Bitterroot campuses. You can take any 100 or 200 level classes offered online or on these campus during fall, spring or summer semesters and you'll follow the same course deadlines as all undergraduate students also in the course.

Pick the option that's best for you and start earning college credit before you graduate from high school!

A student takes notes during a UM chemistry class.

It's as Easy as 1-2-Free

As deals go, it doesn’t get much better than this. At UM we believe so much in the value of jumpstarting your college experience, we offer local high school students their first two Dual Enrollment courses tuition free. As in, no tuition. As in, what are you waiting for?

But wait. There's more. Local high school students also get half off tuition for the rest of their courses until they graduate high school. Yup. Half off.


More Ways to Save as You Learn

Dual Enrollment students needing financial help after completing their two free classes may be eligible for scholarships. To be eligible, you or someone in your household must be participating in an eligible government assistance program such as MT Healthy Kids, Free or Reduced Lunch, Section 8 Housing Vouchers and SNAP/WIC benefits.

The W.J. Gallagher Missoula College Scholarship also offers $500 scholarships to current Western Montana high school seniors. This scholarship is awarded on a first-come first-served basis, so the earlier you apply the better. 

Credits That Will Follow You Almost Everywhere

You worked hard for your first college credits, and we want you to keep them. Through Dual Enrollment, the credits you earn will be demonstrated on a University of Montana transcript and transfer seamlessly to all Montana University System colleges and universities as well as many other institutions throughout the country.  

This is the Real Deal

You aren’t a “Wanna-Be” undergrad in the Dual Enrollment program, you become a full-fledged Griz, with the same privileges and benefits of other enrolled students. That means you can connect one-on-one with a real college advisor who can answer all your questions about course choices, scheduling and future options.

You Look Ready to Apply

The first step in starting your life as a college student is to fill out our short online application form. Then, we’ll send you an email from with your application login details.

Follow these easy steps to apply:

1) Create an account password (write it down in case you forget like we do) and then under “Your Applications'' click on “Dual Enrollment.”

2) Open the application, complete the seven sections (if you are under 18 your parents will need to fill out information under "Add Additional Reference") and then press “Submit Application.”

3) You’ll be sent a Course Selection Form to pick the classes we’ll register you for.

4) Let the fun begin!


Not a 'Local' High School Student?

The benefits of Dual Enrollment are still plentiful for Montana students who reside outside the local Missoula area. Online class options abound and the tuition savings are real.

Are You an Out-of-State High School Student?

Our Dual Enrollment program offers many benefits for out-of-state high school students, as well. Learn more about what you can gain by taking college classes now.