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Dual Enrollment for High School Students

A colorful tile mural on an exterior wall at Missoula College

High School is the Perfect Time to Start College

Our Dual Enrollment Program offers so many advantages every high school junior and senior should sign up.

Not only does this program help jump start your collegiate career and tune your muscles for the rigors of undergrad studies, it will save you money. Huge money.

Students are able to knock out at least one semester of college while participating in the program, which means even more savings on all the other costs that come with college.

Students work in a science lab with tabletop models that represent the Clark Fork River.

Ready to Learn More?

The benefits of Dual Enrollment are massive, and they vary slightly based on where you currently attend high school. Select your student type below to learn more about what's available to you!

What is a 'Local' Student?

For Dual Enrollment purposes, you're considered a "local student" if you attend high school in any of these five counties: Missoula, Ravalli, Lake, Mineral or Lewis and Clark.

Do you live in Seeley Lake? Hamilton? Helena? Superior? Polson? Missoula? You are a local student.

What is a 'Montana' Student?

You're a Montana student if you live anywhere in Big Sky Country outside of Missoula, Ravalli, Lake, Mineral or Lewis and Clark County.  

Live in Billings? Libby? Butte? Glasgow? Great Falls? Any place in Montana that is not inside the five counties listed above? You are a Montana student.

What is an 'Out-of-State' Student?

If you live outside the state of Montana, you're an out-of-state student.

Do you live in Washington? Colorado? South Dakota? Maine? Alaska? You are considered an "out-of-state" student.

Student who took Dual Enrollment class poses for photo in nursing lab at Missoula College

'But wait, this isn't me!'

Not a high school student looking for ways to earn college credit now? No worries! Select the kind of student are you from the list below and learn more about what UM has to offer.